Custom fit

At Golf Addict custom fit is exactly that – custom fitted on site to your exact measurements.

We will measure all aspects to ensure the perfect fit – finger tips to floor, hand size, height, weight and BMI.

As an independent fitter we are able to offer a wider range of shaft, flex, weight and length than OEM’s (own exclusive manufacturers).

Every club that leaves Golf Addict is spined to the correct position ensuring the club head returns to the intended target line.

All custom fits include a return appointment in 12 months for follow up.

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Repairs, Refits & Re-grips

In addition to our custom fitting and Bio Match we are also able to carry out a full range of golf club repairs, refits and refits on all major brands.

All work is carried out on site and we never send work away or subcontract out.

When replacing broken steel shafts we like you to bring in the iron either side of the broken one – for example if you broke the 5 iron shaft we’d like you to also bring the 4 and 6 irons.  Doing this allows us to exactly match the weight and flex of the broken shaft.  It will then play precisely the same as before the breakage.

Re-gripping is normally carried out the same day and sometimes while you wait with clubs playable in 30 minutes.

We carry Egigo and Champkey grips in stock but can order in other manufacturers if you are looking for something specific.

Electric Trolley Repairs

Repairs and servicing of a wide range of electric trolleys is also offered on site.  We are also delighted to be able to offer a purchasing service for Grasshopper ride on buggies